We emphasize on selecting the best time to collect vegetables from farmers and storing them in such a way that their freshness is preserved

About Grapul

Grapul deals with a wide range of grains & pulses to meet the ever-increasing demands of consumers all around the world. Because we live in a fast growing country like India, agricultural products abound and are of high quality and diversity. Pulses are a high-protein food that are a staple in the diets of Middle Eastern countries. Grapul carefully selects farmers from whom pulses are to be purchased, and the most modern technology is employed to maintain nutritional levels. Before it reaches you, pulses undergo various levels of screening, such as cleaning, grading, and so on. We majorly deals with urad dal, green gram (dried), red lentils (dried), chickpea (dried), kidney beans (dried), peas (dried), black eyed beans(dried), rice, wheat, sorghum, pearl millet, sago etc.

Why Grapul?

Healthy Pulse & Grains

Grapul has a very strict method to ensure that the nutritious value of grains and pulses is preserved. We provide fit-to-eat grade grains to our customers and pulses and ensure no stone is left unturned.


We provide best and long lasting pulses and grains. The pulses and grains are processed to meet the global standard, making it clean and sustainable for our customers to store and enjoy for a longer period of time.

Natural & Tasty

Food that lacks flavor and taste will not satisfy the consumer. As a result, we make every effort to supply delicious grain and pulses by sourcing them from all across India, including most grains and pulses producing states. This ensures that the pulses given to customers are of high quality and have a distinct flavor.

Our Products

Udad Dal

Green Gram

Red Lentils


Kidney Beans


Black Eyed Beans




Pearl Millet